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Hotel Room Safes:

Hotel liability and insurance costs for personal property stolen from guests has increased greatly. As many guest valuables such as computers and video cameras are too large to fit the front desk safe deposit boxes, hotels install CorKey operated room safes which can generate profit if the hotel charges the guest for use of the card, and the safes reduce their liability.
The quick code changing of the mechanical CorKey locks which require no electrical wiring or battery power make CorKey operated safes an inexpensive solution to hotel liability.

Hotel room Safes
Lockers in dressing rooms of recreational facilities have serious key control problems resulting in theft of property, as the usual metal key locks cannot easily be re-programmed when keys are lost or stolen. But lockers fitted with quick-code-change CorKey locks restore key control. XTRONIC cards change lock codes automatically the instant the new card is inserted. These systems are very popular in Europe where many recreational facilities now utilize CorKey locks.

Schools and Universities:

Universities with dormitory buildings for students have similar security problems as hotels. CorKey locks at building entry doors, student rooms, elevators, storage areas and to restrict entry to floors from the fire exit stairs, have provided needed protection for the students, faculty and administration. Two thousand CorKey locks at the University of Hawaii are maintained by the staff and cards are coded in the Student Housing office (pictured). Note also the red fire exit device on the door that is set by CorKey.

Coding CorKey Cards

Key control problems at main entry doors and individual apartments in multi-story residential buildings have been solved by CorKey electric and mechanical locks. At the lobby entrance of a Bangkok apartment house, tenants use their card to open the lobby door, and the same card also unlocks their individual apartment. All locks have TriSec or XTRONIC quick-code-change capability.
Apartment front door control

Office Buildings, Restaurants:

Doors that must be locked and unlocked at certain hours to prevent or allow public entry have been a continuing key control problem as the lock function can often be changed by anyone passing through the door who presses a button in the lock or turns a lever. CorKey Series 700, 800 and XTRONIC locks have models that require a specially coded card to change the lock function by simply inserting and withdrawing the card. At a Hong Kong restaurant this feature is used daily at an entrance door which is set to "Unlock" during working hours then set to "Lock" at all other times.
Daily code changing


In addition to use on doors to Automatic Teller Machines and general building security, hundreds of banks in Japan have installed a custom CorKey lock on all their Safe Deposit Boxes. The system was designed and patented by the Kumahira Safe Company of Japan. Customers can access their safe deposit box without a bank attendant being present, reducing staff time and bank liability. A CorKey card is issued to the customer each time he wishes to open his box. This card grants access to the Safe Deposit Room and also unlocks the Corkey lock on the customer's box exposing the keyway for the customer's personal metal key. The card is retrieved by the bank when the customer leaves the Safe Deposit room.


Tokyo Bank Safe Deposit room
Car Parks and Clubs:

Issuing updated parking passes or club membership cards when payment for the next period has been received has been solved by CorKey. Before the end of the current period old cards are "Re-Validated" by management for the next period by changing the code on the card but the OLD code is left on the card. It will continue to be valid during the "grace period" before the code of the lock is changed later to the new code. Then all invalid cards are denied access. In this way new cards do not have to be issued and no one is inconvenienced.


Parking control
Other Applications:

CorKey Systems are utilized in Elevators; Police Departments; Airports; Public Utility Companies; Hospitals; Factories; the Military and new applications for this unique system are being developed daily.
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