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CorKey Apartment/Condominium Key Control


CorKey Control Systems utilizes over 30 years of experience in designing key control systems ideal for today's apartments and condominiums. Long established as the world's technological leader of mechanical card access systems, CorKey combines the high-tech capabilities of electronic systems with the convenience, dependability, and practicality of mechanical locking systems.

The CorKey System is card activated by inserting our patented magnetically coded POWERCARD which "powers" the lock, providing high-tech security without electricity, wiring, batteries, or an expensive computer. Because we do not use electricity, our locks are ideal for both internal and external doors.

The CorKey apartment system can be quickly installed and requires virtually no maintenance. Management can encode additional cards as needed. Lost and stolen cards can be removed from the system quickly and easily and CorKey POWERCARDS are virtually impossible to duplicate. Our magnetically coded cards operate doors, lockers and safes mechanically, and the same card can be used to operate electrical functions such as parking gates, electronic locks and elevators.

Wherever state of the art key control is required you will find CorKey Control Systems. Our lock as are used throughout the world at Universities, Hotels, Hospitals, Marinas, Military and Government Installations. Let our technicians design a card access system specifically to meet your master keying requirements.
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