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Large Encoding and Re-Keying Kit contains all the tools and fixtures needed to code POWERCARDS and change codes in CorKey Locks. Complete with self-teaching instruction Book, Code Format Cards and Spare Parts.

All Factory Turnkey Masterkeyed Systems include a kit plus complete coding documentation so YOU can take it from there, encoding POWERCARDS and changing lock codes as needed.

Small "Validifier" Kit is for coding POWERCARDS only. Used by Security Officers, Hotel Staff, Building Management, Condo and Apartment Managers, Parking Operators and others to encode new POWERCARDS and revalidate old cards to new codes.


Just touch the patented Code Gun to the POWERCARD through punched holes in a Code Format Card and push the trigger button.


Exceptionally strong degausser "cleans" the previous code from POWERCARD leaving it blank for reuse at a later time.
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