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Xtronic Hotel Locking System by CorKey (available from HK Office only)


Dear Hotelier,
Security for the lodging industry has become the critical issue. The electronic door lock is said to be the only solution but as you know they are expensive to obtain and install and can be costly to maintain. As a result many former manufacturers of electronic hotel locks no longer service their products.

CorKey Control Systems has been developing card operated locking hardware for over 30 years. Realizing the complex nature of electronic locks, we have focused on developing devices that utilize reliable mechanical hardware and eliminate the dependency to electronics. As a result CorKey has newly developed a card activated system that automatically changes the code of the lock with each guest insertion. The Xtronic changes codes automatically, but does so magnetically - not electronically. No need for batteries, electrical connections, or complicated computers and programmers. The CorKey Xtronic costs less than half the cost of comparable electronic locks.

If your concern is not only guest security but locking hardware reliability we encourage you to investigate this major technology breakthrough. Please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with additional information on this newly patented hotel locking device. more>>


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